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Location: Truax Field, Dane County Regional Airport, Madison, Wis

Commander: Col. Bart Van Roo | Senior Enlisted: Chief Master Sergeant Brian K. Carroll

The 115th Fighter Wing (FW) is equipped with 23 F-16C Block 30 aircraft as the primary aircraft assigned and a single RC-26B Metroliner as a secondary aircraft. The F-16C is a compact, multi-role fighter aircraft.

The 115th Fighter Wing was recently selected by the Air Force to receive a new fleet of F-35A Lightning II aircraft, and to host the F-35A mission. The F-35 is one of the world’s premiere fighter aircraft that has the ability to perform air-to-air, air-to-ground and intelligence, surveillance  and reconnaissance missions. The unit expects to receive the first F-35A aircraft in the Spring of 2023.

Additionally, the 115th Fighter Wing supports many domestic operations missions. These missions include a world class fatality search and rescue, explosive ordinance disposal, firefighting and emergency response for Dane County Regional Airport, debris clearance removal, and other domestic and local missions as assigned and requested by the Governor of Wisconsin. 

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