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100 years ago…

15,000 Wisconsin National Guard Soldiers answered the call.

They fought through the trenches of France and pierced the German Lines.

They earned a name for themselves and brought home a legacy.


This documentary is the capstone of a multi-year effort commemorating the centennial of the 32nd “Red Arrow” Division. Dawn of the Red Arrow follows the story of the 32nd Division as told by its Soldiers. Fifteen thousand Wisconsin National Guard Soldiers and 8,000 Michigan National Guard Soldiers joined forces to become the 32nd Division, which went on to forge a name for itself on the battlefields of France, and claimed as its enduring symbol one of the most iconic America victories of the war. The legacy begun 100 years ago continued through the following decades and still resonates today.


The Dawn of the Red Arrow anthology is a complementary account to the documentary, telling the story of the 32nd Division from even before the division was an idea on paper, through its campaigns in World War I and up to the 21st century.