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Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, Wisconsin adjutant general, has been named chairman of the National Governors Association Homeland Security Advisory Council (GHSAC).

“It’s a privilege to serve as Gov. Walker’s Homeland Security Advisor, which complements my responsibilities commanding the Wisconsin National Guard and leading Wisconsin Emergency Management,” Dunbar said. “The GHSAC is a diverse group of professionals who represent the nation’s governors in the Homeland Security enterprise. I am honored to serve as the chair and to work these difficult issues alongside my colleagues in collaboration with federal and local agencies and the private sector.”

The advisory council, formed in 2006, provides a platform for homeland security advisors from each state, territory and Washington, D.C., to discuss and share homeland security information and to keep governors informed of issues impacting homeland security policies at the state or territory level. It meets twice each year – once in Washington, D.C., and once in a select state – and convenes every two weeks via conference call.

Seven operating committees focus on the following homeland security issues: border security, immigration and personal identification; catastrophic planning and preparedness; critical infrastructure protection; grants and funding; information sharing and analysis; information technology, cyber-security and secure communications; and interoperability.

The advisory council works directly with federal agencies pertaining to the development of homeland security policies and strategies impacting states, and through the National Governors Association ensures that the collective voice of state homeland security officials is heard on Capitol Hill.

An eight-member executive committee leads the advisory council. Four members are chosen by the National Governors Association leadership, and four are selected by the council membership at large. The executive committee in turn elects the chair and vice-chair.

Dunbar has served on the executive committee since 2010.