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In honor of the birthday of the U.S. Army, members of the WI National Guard and the nearby Marine Reserve participated in a two-mile fun run. The group began the run at 7 a.m. at the Department of Military Affairs Facility this morning.

“The Army’s birthday is a time to celebrate the long heritage of the Army,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Rafael Conde. “It’s also important for us to understand that soldiers are athletes and athletes need to train to be in good physical condition for the missions that we may be called upon to do.”

Brig. Gen. Mark Anderson, Deputy Adjutant General for Army and Conde were just two of the approximately 70 participants that ran in formation while singing cadence. At the front of the formation was a guidon bearer, who carried the Army flag as the formation ran in the streets near the DMA building.

“A lot of folks have not run in a formation with a drill sergeant actually calling cadence since probably the last time they went to basic training or Advanced Individual Training (AIT). We had multiple units here, running together as an Army team,” Conde said.

When the run was completed, the group celebrated with cake, punch and more importantly – great conversation.

“It wasn’t a physical fitness event, it was a Camaraderie event,” Conde said.