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Last year, Wisconsin citizens and businesses lost more than $10.7 million dollars in reported losses as a result of cyber crimes. That’s according to the FBI. Federal and state law enforcement and IT officials expect that cybercrime will continue to rise. That’s why the state of Wisconsin is once again bringing government and private business together to discuss how to work together to combat against cyber threats.

Registration is now open for Wisconsin’s 5th Annual Governor’s Cybersecurity Summit to be held Monday, Oct. 16 at the Gordon Dining and Event Center located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The Summit brings together government, business, and academic leaders to exchange knowledge and experiences in the ongoing effort to secure our digital infrastructure.

“Recent cyber attacks have shown the vulnerabilities of IT systems in both government and private sectors,” said Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, Wisconsin’s adjutant general and Homeland Security advisor. “We are pleased to bring to the 2017 Governor’s Cybersecurity Summit nationally-recognized cybersecurity experts to discuss emerging trends and strategies for responding to current and future cyber threats.”

“Ensuring the security of the state’s infrastructure is a shared responsibility among the private and public sectors,” said Wisconsin’s Chief Information Officer, David Cagigal. “Public and private partnerships are the foundation of effective security strategies, and timely, trusted information sharing among these groups is essential to the security of the state’s infrastructure.”

Gov. Scott Walker speaking at last year’s Cyber Security Summit at the University of Wisconsin campus. This year’s summit will focus on the security impacts of global interactivity as well as recruiting future cybersecurity professionals. Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs file photo

Some of the featured speakers include:

• Dr. Jen Golbeck – Attendees may recognize the University of Maryland social media and science communications leader from her TEDx Talk on the implications of our online choices and actions. At the Summit, she will discuss the human side of cybersecurity.

• Mark Weatherford – vArmour’s current Senior Vice President and Chief Cybersecurity Strategist has also served the public in cybersecurity leadership roles at both the state and Federal level, making him a true expert on the public-private interface.

• Karen R. Jackson – Jackson serves as the senior technology advisor to Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe. Her presentation will highlight the economic development value of cybersecurity.

• Frank Grimmelmann – Grimmelmann will speak to his experience as a private-sector professional forging a partnership with the FBI in his work with the Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA) and Arizona Counterterrorism Information Center (ACTIC).

• Col. Kelly Hughes – The senior cyber advisor to the Joint Force Command of the Washington Air National Guard will brief Summit attendees on the current proposal to build National Guard Civil Support Teams in all of the 54 states and territories.

Along with increasing focus on the security impacts of global interconnectivity, this year’s Summit will emphasize recruiting future cybersecurity professionals. Current estimates indicate that 1.5 million more cybersecurity professionals will be needed to accommodate the predicted global shortfall by 2020.

Students who may be interested in filling those critical jobs are encouraged to attend the 2017 Summit. In addition to gaining valuable career insight and networking with industry professionals, a limited number of students will receive free registration.

Wisconsin’s 5th Annual Governor’s Cybersecurity Summit is coordinated by the Wisconsin Department of Administration and the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs. To register, visit