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Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, Wisconsin’s adjutant general

MADISON, Wis. — The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Security Advisory Council appointed Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, Wisconsin’s adjutant general, to its ranks effective May 2018.

Dunbar, who commands the nearly 10,000 Soldiers and Airmen of the Wisconsin National Guard and is responsible for Wisconsin Emergency Management, also serves as Wisconsin’s Homeland Security Advisor and chairs the state’s Homeland Security Council. He also serves on the executive committee of the National Governors Association’s Governors Homeland Security Advisors Council, whom he will now represent on the Homeland Security Advisory Council in his new role.

“It’s a tremendous honor to serve on the Homeland Security Advisory Council,” Dunbar said. “This organization plays an important role in advising the Secretary of Homeland Security on the threats facing our nation every day. I look forward to joining the distinguished group of advisors that serve on the council and to contributing to the critical advice it provides.”

The Homeland Security Advisory Council leverages the experience, expertise, and national and global connections of its members to provide the Secretary of Homeland Security with real-time, real-world, sensing and independent advice to support decision-making across the spectrum of homeland security operations.

Dunbar joins more than two dozen other members of the council, all of whom bring a wealth of homeland security experience in a variety of disciplines to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. The council includes leaders from state and local government, first responder communities, the private sector and academia.

As part of the council, Dunbar will provide organizationally independent advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Homeland Security, including the creation and implementation of critical and actionable policies for the security of the homeland. The council also conducts research and provides policy analysis and recommendations on a variety of security issues and evaluates the impact of security related public and private policies in an attempt to formulate prospective security policies.