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In accordance with Gov. Scott Walker’s Executive Order #312 issued today, Maj. Gen. Donald Dunbar, adjutant general of Wisconsin, has placed Wisconsin National Guard cyber response teams on standby. The teams are prepared to assist local and state election officials in the event of a cyber-security incident during the elections. Federal and state officials stress there is no active threat, these are precautionary measures.

“Wisconsin voters should feel confident that the Wisconsin National Guard’s team is ready if needed to provide assistance on Election Day,” said Dunbar. “The governor’s executive order simply allows us to deploy those resources quickly.”

The Wisconsin National Guard is one of several throughout the nation advising state and local officials in this capacity. The Elections Commission remains the lead agency and the guard is standing by to support at their request. The Wisconsin National Guard cyber teams are ready to respond anywhere in the state to provide a number of capabilities including assisting and advising election officials in the cyber domain.

Assisting civil authorities and first responders is one of the Guard’s core missions. When authorized by the Governor, they can be called to state active duty when local and state capabilities are overwhelmed.

This year, the Wisconsin National Guard provided support to numerous communities during major flooding and severe storms. In addition, the Wisconsin National Guard simultaneously remains heavily engaged fulfilling its federal mission as the primary combat reserve of the Army and Air Force.