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As technology advances, our homes are becoming more connected. Mobile devices, TVs and even many new appliances are now incorporating wireless technologies into their normal operations. During Cyber Security Awareness Month, it’s important to consider ways to make sure your home network and the devices that are connected to it are protected.

“Home wireless networks add so much value to our lives. We can livestream the Brewers or binge watch our favorite Netflix show. But there’s also a risk,” said Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, Wisconsin’s adjutant general and homeland security advisor. “Making sure access to your Wi-Fi is controlled and secure is an essential part of protecting the information that is shared over your home network.”

To protect the security of your network, consider taking the following steps:

Set a unique password for your network – Use a password for your home network that’s just as strong as what’s used for your email or bank account. Change it regularly and keep track of who you give the information to you. Also, be sure to change the administrative username and password for your wireless router from the default setting.

Know what’s connected to your network – Video streaming devices, computers, and even many appliances are using wireless technologies. Regularly check to see which devices are connected to your network and whether they should have access.

Keep software up to date – Regularly check for updates to the software of devices connected to your network. These can help patch vulnerabilities that hackers may use to exploit and gain access to other devices on your system.

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