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Wisconsin National Guard launches new website

The Wisconsin National Guard launched a new stand-alone website today designed to keep the public informed as the one-stop shop for all the latest information and updates on the organization, as well as employment opportunities, resources, community relations information, and more.

The Wisconsin National Guard has facilities in approximately 70 Wisconsin communities, and until now, the Guard’s web presence was housed under the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs website. Now it will have its own dedicated website at

Made up of nearly 10,000 Citizen Soldiers and Airmen comprising the Wisconsin Army and Air National Guard, the Wisconsin National Guard is administered under the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, which also administers Wisconsin Emergency Management and the state’s Office of Emergency Communications.

The new website is focused solely on the Wisconsin National Guard, and it includes the latest news releases and articles on the force and its troops, in addition to a wide array of resources ranging from how to request a military static display or flyover for a community event, to leadership profiles, full-time civilian or military career opportunities in the Wisconsin National Guard, and information on the various programs that serve our troops, their families, retirees, and veterans.

It also provides information on how to connect with the Wisconsin National Guard on its social media platforms, or sign up to receive text or e-mail updates with the latest Wisconsin National Guard news or military aircraft flight alerts.

Media will find links to our public domain photos, video content, and organizational logos for use in news products.

The National Guard is unique among the armed services of the United States military. It is the only component of the military with a dual-mission – serving as both the primary combat reserve for the U.S. Army and Air Force, while also acting as the state’s first military responder during times of need.

Most of the force serves part-time, so the vast majority are either full-time college students or hold civilian careers and live in communities all across Wisconsin working as teachers, small business owners, farmers, plumbers, electricians, or in other business fields. The troops serve in a part-time status, conducting training one weekend a month in addition to annual training periods, and then can be mobilized at any time for federal missions such as overseas deployments to combat theaters, or serve here in Wisconsin to assist communities during natural disasters or other emergencies such as floods, civil disturbances, or as demonstrated in the past year – during pandemics.The Wisconsin National Guard’s history predates Wisconsin statehood in 1848 – forming as a territorial militia in 1837. Its troops have served in nearly every conflict in American history dating back to the Civil War, and thousands of its troops, and nearly every unit in the organization, have deployed overseas multiple times to combat theaters in the Middle East and Afghanistan since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.