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Our mission is to create a culture where survivors, who experience sexual violence, feel empowered and safe to seek out services. Through education and outreach our program seeks to change the conversation around sex, consent, and sexual assault. To the survivors in the Wisconsin National Guard, we believe you and are here to listen to and elevate your voices.

Position Vacant

JFHQ Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Mrs. Katy Werginz

SAPR Victim Advocate Coordinator

24Hr SARC phone: 608-469-2627

“Under DoD’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Policy, Service members and their adult military dependents have two reporting options – Restricted Reporting and Unrestricted Reporting. Under Unrestricted Reporting, both the command and law enforcement are notified. With Restricted (Confidential) Reporting, the adult sexual assault victim can access healthcare, advocacy services, and legal services without the notification to command or law enforcement.” DoD SAPR