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The Wisconsin National Guard Public Affairs Office wants you to help us tell the Wisconsin National Guard story to the public.

We can’t be everywhere, and your unit might just be doing some interesting and important training or community engagement that is worth telling the world about. But you might be able to help us tell your unit’s story!

If you can take decent photos (even with your iPhone) and know how to collect the basic information needed for a story, you can help! If you know how to write, you can help even more!

First, have unit leadership contact us ( email , call, or text 608-345-7585 ) to see if we are available to cover your unit activity. If we are unavailable, take photos and collect information, and email it to: . Include your contact information in case we have questions about what you sent us.

We want you to help us tell everyone how great the Wisconsin National Guard is.

Can we count on you?