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3MADISON, Wis. — Every day, the state of Wisconsin receives more than two million security events, such as malicious emails, scans for vulnerabilities, attempts to crack passwords, and website attacks. That’s why fighting cyber threats and attacks is important not only for business but also government agencies as well.
Practice, preparation and partnerships are key components to protecting Wisconsin from a wide spectrum of hazards and risks, according to the state's homeland security advisor."There are a lot of things Wisconsin faces," said Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, Wisconsin adjutant general and Gov. Scott Walker's advisor for homeland security issues. "I can tell you with confidence we're going to have a flood again someday. I can tell you with confidence we'll have a tornado someday. They can be tragic and devastating, but they don't scare me because we've had them before and we have good procedures in place — we have a good emergency management team at the local county level and the state level, and we have good partners in FEMA."